About Train 2 Teach

We "Train The Trainer"

At Train2Teach we offer a dedicated personal tutor, ongoing feedback, with blended learning, not only online courses to study from anywhere, but also face to face corresponding, access to thousands of jobs worldwide, full accreditation, and pride ourselves in being affordable, but reputable.

Train2Teach is committed to the Outcomes Based Training (OBE) Methodology promoted by the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). This SAQA system of training, under the auspices of the SETAs, is the best training system for skills development adopted by South Africa and compares to international best-practice. Resultantly all Itumeleng Training Solutions SETA Qualifications are internationally recognised.

Train 2 Teach


Our vision is to promote the pathways of learning to economic liberty and self fulfillment for individuals working to achieve their individual goals for success.

Train2Teach will administer and implement effective ETDP SETA training material that has at their core the goals of enhanced learning and knowledge to ensure individual and business prosperity.


  • To provide learners with real skills for the real world.
  • To create an environment in which our learners can grow.
  • To conduct ourselves in an ethical, principled way.
  • To provide our clients with training solutions that has provable cost benefits.
  • To continuously improve our material and methodologies to ensure cutting edge, best practice training delivery in a South African context.

Trainings Courses
The quality of the training and assessment
process is ensured through:

  • All trainers (assessors) being qualified and registered with the relevant authorities;
  • All training content being checked and tested by academics and industry experts;
  • Training outcomes being conformed to SAQA standards;
  • Conducting training in an outcomes-based fashion, where the learner’s (training
  • candidates) abilities are constantly tested through a variety of methods;
  • Ensuring that learners can demonstrate workplace competence (can do the job in a real or simulated environment);
  • Sufficiently coaching learners until competence is attained;
  • Conforming the assessment process to the rigour of SAQA standards;
  • An in-built SETA recourse mechanism (verification and inspection of training by SETA) to ensure proper training delivery conduction by suitable trainers;
  • Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure adherence to the integrity of the process.